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The 7 Best Myofascial Release Tools of 2023 – click here

Q&A: Raiders special teams player Sam Williams

Q: Player who brings the strangest things to camp?

A: Probably me. I’m the old guy so I have the strangest things, little tools I use like the Thumper. It’s a little massager that gets the lactic acid out of your legs. I have a Thera Cane. I have a RumbleRoller. All my little gadgets that I use before practice and at nighttime.

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How We Roll
Self massage can play a significant role in
helping you to feel better and run faster

Article in TRAIL Rx Magazine, June 2012 Edition, Article by Mackenzie Lobby

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“Hurts so Good”
Article in Muscle & Fitness Magazine, Sept. 2010 Edition

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