Testimonials – Theracane



Relief from “shoulder problems”
A friend loaned us one of these and within the first hour of use we had already ordered one for ourselves! 
Chico, CA USA

It Works!
I have had a number of surgeries and injuries over the years. I see a chiropractor and a physical therapist every few weeks. Both of them work wonders, but then my body tightens up. I can’t afford to see them every day! I bought the Thera Cane because I saw someone else with one at a long distance cycling event. Now I’ve purchased another 3 to share with friends. This tool has helped me stay loose, and has taken away a lot of the shoulder stiffness that I have suffered for the past 7 years. I suggest the addition of the trigger point therapy workbook, which will give you a lot of the details about the body and why/where it hurts. But even if you don’t want to study, you can still get lots of benefits from daily use of the Thera Cane! 
Lisa Guinn Cupertino , CA USA

Exactly what I’ve been looking for
The knots in my back – my “spots” never really go away due to posture and my work in front of the computer. One day I asked a coworker what the odd green thing by his desk was. He explained the concept, I tried it for about two seconds and immediately knew this was something special. The leverage is perfect for zeroing in on your back knots and applying STRONG pressure to them – like having a strong friend digging their knuckle in and holding it there. I bought one the next day. You don’t need an expensive vibrating massage wand that has all sorts of silly features – just this simple stick that can pinpoint and dissolve all your stress spots. 
A. White “drted” (USA)

Wonderful product!
I’m only thirty, but I do hard work out on my farm as well as swimming. I was getting tight, knotted muscles in my back and shoulders that were restricting my movement and dully hurt. I’m single, though, so had no good way to get them out. I was looking for something to help when I came across these reviews and decided to buy a Thera Cane for myself. Oh, is it wonderful! 
Debbie (Alpena, AR United States)

Works Great!
It’s very easy to use and easily got out all the knots in my muscles. Right after it was delivered, I spent about 30 minutes gently working the knots out of my shoulders and back while I watched TV. That felt so wonderful, so I worked the last knots out of my shoulders a little bit later that day. It felt so good to be free of stiffness and pain! 
Melissa (Germany)

This worked much better than I predicted
Since my brain/spinal cord surgery, I have pain especially in my shoulders. I’ve been using the Thera Cane the past month to smooth out those chronically-sore muscles and it has really helped. I’m buying another one for my parents. I also just purchased the DVD.
Arthritic Wife (Iowa) 

I bought this for my husband because he was always trying to rub his own shoulder and back. I have arthritis in my hands, so I can’t massage him very well, so the Thera Cane enables him to massage his back and shoulder knots himself. He loves it! 
By J. Kaiser

I wish I could give it 10 stars!
I can’t believe this thing. People who saw it laughed at me and said it looks a plant hanger. Maybe it does, but it gets deep…real deep and allows me to massage every single spot on my back and crack everything. It works harder than any massage therapist I’ve been to. I use it EVERY SINGLE DAY. No joke. This was the best $30 I have ever spent. If you got back problems (and who doesn’t), you cannot beat this thing. My pain management dr. showed it 2 me because I asked him if there was anything I could do except pop the Oxycontin. I ordered it from Amazon..had it 3 days later. I can’t say enough good about it. Get it–you will not be sorry. 
By K. Prueitt (Orlando, FL United States)

This device is incredible
It would seriously be worth 5 times the price, in my opinion. When I get stressed at work, I sit hunched over and get very tense. This causes pain in my neck, side, back, and hip. I used to need painkillers to get through the day, but not now! A few minutes using the Thera Cane relaxes my muscles enough to relieve the pain significantly. One warning – I do find it painful to massage my muscles deep enough to relax them. Some people might find this to be a negative. For me, it’s worth a few minutes of pain for the end result. It is the only thing I’ve found to relieve my pain. Wonderful product!! 
Doctor Vollin

THERA CANE is Kick A**! 
No, it don’t cure ALL my pain. But It’s GOOD. 
STRONG & well made. Put some HARD pressure on your Neck & Shoulders. 
Feels good, RELAX the muscles. SIMPLE is best, THERA CANE…ROCKS
Mary Arthur (Clewiston, FL)

The cane helps the pain
I had been using a tennis ball, the cane makes it easier to fined the pressure points, i learned not to do the points so long , with the cane a little pressure is all it takes, if in pain this does help. i am obese so this is one way to reach the points without help. 
L. Glenn (Sturgis, SD)

This product was worth every penny
I plan to buy one for all my family and friends that have back pain.This product works amazingly well and it is easy to use. Anyone with knots in their back should buy this product. 
A. McGrath (New York)

Wow, bought because of reviews, here’s mine
This is a fab invention and one which anyone with back and neck pain should have. I was always trying to relieve back pain by asking my husband to massage my shoulders, rolling on the floor, going to the chiropractor, etc. Now, I just pull out my handy dandy cane a couple of times a days and instantly I can increase blood flow to the area and feel better in moments. It looks odd, to be sure, and my kids use it as a weapon, but never mind that…I won’t be without this gadget ever again! 
S. Kochel “Sam K” (Ventura, California)

Thera Cane is Fantastic!
I bought this because the reviews were so stellar, and deservedly so! When this came in the mail I decided to give it a quick spin…yeah right…I used it for probably 15 min and that feeling in your back after a great message when you have all the tightness gone, that’s what I had. How awesome to be able to get that all by yourself and easily as you have good leverage. Anyway, now anytime I want I can easily and effectively get out all the knots and cramps, wow, wow, wow.

Lastly, the most fun with this has been covering up the label and handing it to friends and co-workers and having them try to guess what it is… It doesn’t look like anything I’ve ever seen and pretty much everyone takes forever to guess it. Take care, and right now my back is so relaxed, like after a good massage… 
Seattle-Squirrel (Seattle, WA USA)

Simple and Effective
I bought this item for my boyfriend as he has constant back aches. The moment he opened it he was overjoyed and it was very quick and easy to use. With the Thera Cane he can now apply as much pressure where and when without having to try to tell me “the pain is lower” or “to the left” or “further inside”. I’ve used it too and I didn’t realize I had so many unresolved knots in my back until I used the Thera Cane too. What makes it even better is that we showed some of my family over Christmas the Thera Cane and they were hooked on it instantly as well (my uncle suffers from back problems, had to have surgery for some ruptured discs, etc.)–again, very quick and easy to use.

The shape of the Thera Cane itself and the placement of the grips makes the product very instinctual to hold and therefore use with ease. Great product and I recommend one for anyone who has back pain and can’t quite get the knots out. 
Churchill B. Grimes, Jr. “Church” (Florida, USA)

I just wish I had gotten turned on to this thing earlier
Wow! I have used every sort of massage device known to man and this thing is the last such implement i will ever have to buy. No power cord, no batteries, and no BS!

Just zoom into those trigger points and grind away. You can really apply an incredible amount of pressure very precisely. I’ll find myself with a smile on my face and tears in my eyes. It just “hurts so good” when you hit those deep down knots.

If you regularly struggle with myofascial pain, muscular tension, or similar problems then immediately buy a Thera Cane. It will be the best investment you ever made.
Gerald L. Bendel

Great little product
I use the Thera Cane every day and it has relieved a lot 
of pain in my shoulder. I wish that I would have had it a lot 
Samuel W. Siciliano Jr. “SammyTosk” (Carolina SouthShore)

This simple device helped me a lot
For the money, this is probably the best of it’s kind. It’s easy to use and really gets those trouble spots in the upper back, traps & scapula areas. You could spend more money on something fancier, but why? 
Maggie Waters (Brooklyn, NY)

I’ve had episodes of upper back pain for years and tried many things including pain killers, heat, ice, massage, stretching, but they only offered temporary relief at best. The pain would last for days on end. Thera Cane helped me apply strong, precise pressure on the tender points — something that is almost impossible to do otherwise. It helped relieve and shorten the duration of the pain. If you have similar pain due to myofascial trigger points, Thera Cane might help you too. 
Lisa (Edmond, OK)

If the Theracane were a person, she would be female. She would be from the Philippines…
You know the old style shepherd’s staff with the giant hook for catching wayward sheep? Yeah, I rub my back with one of those. Only, it is the shepherd staff’s shorter brother. It is the Theracane. It is three feet long with a nice rounded hooked side. On the side of the handle, opposite of the hook, there are 2 4-inch handles terminating with gumball sized nobs. On the inside of the handle are two micro nubs that are about the size of the last joint of my thumb.

It is the dullest green plastic. If I dropped it in the lawn or threw it into the woods, I would spend hours trying to find it – then find it in the very last place I look. By then, my back would be so sore, that I would be overjoyed to have it again. If I dropped it in green carpeting, it would be lost forever.

The Theracane is the best self-massage tool on the planet. It is heaven in a curved plastic staff. I can massage every part of my back and shoulders and neck. The pinpoint accuracy of pressure allows me to dig deep into my very sore and broken aches and pains.

If the Theracane were a person, she would be female. She would be from the Philippines…

…For a short time, in the not too distant past, I was able to attend a school for massage therapists. I wasn’t there to learn, I was there to be learned upon. It was so cheap; and even though most of the students were not 10 out of 10 yet, it was heaven for cheap.

I always wanted the cutest girls to give me my massage and never a dude. I might not mind so much now – that is – getting a massage from a dude. Dudes have very strong hands. I would be cool with it – and we could talk about guns, football and beer – during. Yeah, I’m cool with that now.

Anyway, back to school. On one of my massage sessions, the only student available was a 4 foot 10 inch Filipino gal. She probably weighed as much as I did at the time. (At the time, I owned a deli and I was the fattest I had ever been in my life – close to 205 – I was bummed.) I was bummed that I didn’t get a cute blonde. Where were the cute blondes that day? Gosh darn it! I don’t want a massage from that short, hefty linebacker of a gal.

Her mannerisms, while she prepped for me, were ox-like. She rolled up her sleeves and slathered the massage oil all over her very stubby hands. She stomped the ground. I startled as I slumped down on the massage table. Ms. Filipino slapped me a few times on my back like she was clearing chickens away. Her arms flailed back and forth. Oil splashed. And I was transported to Filipino massage heaven.

She turned me to silly putty. She had the strongest hands – probably stronger than any dudes. She worked me over with skills that my body had never felt before and probably will never feel again. She found ever single point of tension in my back, neck and shoulders. She brought me close to pain many times; but knew exactly when to stop and move to the next. She reloaded her hands with oil again and again and again. Slap, slap – oil running from the back of my neck down my chin. Pain and relief. Neck then shoulders. Was that an elbow up and down my spine? Oh MAMA!

After 1 hour, she left. I was alone. I was in pain. I was in heaven – sent by the hands of 4 foot 10 inch female Filipino linebacker.

Yeah, that’s how my Theracane rolls. 
Jason Clements (Kansas City, USA)